Episode 394

Published on:

24th May 2022

How Ralph Structures His Campaigns for Massive ROAS

What if we told you that Tier 11 designed an ad campaign for an ecommerce store that resulted in a 608% revenue increase and 401% ROAS increase in less than 6 months?

On today’s episode, we’re flipping the script a bit. Host Kasim Aslam interviews his usually-co-host Ralph Burns about an ad campaign at Tier 11 that took a struggling business from $29k/month to $176k/month in revenue in less than half a year. (Download the case study here.) Ralph talks about customer acquisition amplification and walks us through the structure of each of the five levels of traffic. But the bottom line, he says, is the creative. “The creative makes the audience. If you match incredible audience and interspace targeting with incredible front end creative and messaging, game over. You own the internet as a marketer. Mix the two together, and it’s online marketing nirvana.”

Listen in to find out how to achieve this online marketing nirvana in your own campaigns.


  • How (and why) to set up tracking before you do anything else 
  • The key differences at each level of traffic (aka, a funnel marketing masterclass) 
  • Why Tier 11 didn’t need to use a third party data tool in this campaign
  • How this case study would change today if they used Google Performance Max



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