Episode 428

Published on:

23rd Sep 2022

Hacking Google Ads for a Shoestring Budget

Do you have a limited advertising budget? Wondering how to get the most out of Performance Max without breaking the bank?

In today's episode, host Kasim Aslam sits down with Regina Bellows to continue the discussion on successfully running ads on a limited budget. Regina and her team have discovered a way to essentially trick Google into making a smart shopping campaign inside Performance Max. Kasim believes this is a truly genius way for marketers to maximize ROI for low-budget accounts. 

Listen in to learn more about the "the feed only Performance Max campaign" and how marketers can use the hack to make the most out of every ad dollar.


  • How to run ads on a limited budget
  • What is a Feed Only Performance Max campaign?
  • How to control your top-of-funnel ad spend
  • Video remarketing ads and why you should use them
  • Conversion tracking and false positives
  • Vanity metrics you should ignore in your campaigns
  • The biggest opportunity for marketing agencies



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